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    The Flying Spinner

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    • ⭐!!!We support 30 days no reason to refund, if there are any problems with the product please contact us in time, we will give you an answer within 24 hours!!!⭐⭐🪐【Durable flying fidget spinner Drone Toys】This flying fidget spinner kids drone is made of high-grade ABS material which is lightweight. The whole round shape & mesh barrier makes the inner fans to be untouchable for protecting kids from finger scratches. Portable design allows kids to enjoy flying toy drones at any time and anywhere.
    • 🪐【Easy to Play for Beginner】This UFO drone is a great ufo toy for beginners. Turn on the power button and "UP" at the top, then simply shake to start and give it a toss! With different throwing angles and speeds, the mini drones can achieve different flight routes and skills, as well as different smooth flight modes and boomerang effects, stop the flying by grabbing the ufo drone with your hand. Kids can also improve hand-eye coordination while playing so it's a great hand-controlled toy drone.
    • 🪐【Easy to Operate & Smart Sensor】As with just a gentle toss it can fly away and return like a boomerang, flying spinner UFO uses advanced sensor hover technology, smartly testing the height and distance. The built-in gyroscope can control accuracy and sensitivity to make it balance, keeping the mini ufo 360°smoothly rotating flying. You can have fun indoors, outdoors, schools and offices. A nice family reunion fun and party toy as well.
    • 🪐【USB Rechargeable & Portable Design】The flying spinner mini drone toy is USB rechargeable and convenient to charge by any USB device, which can be connected to a mobile power laptop, phone adapter. Just 15 minutes to get fully charged and a single charge will give you a full 10 minutes of joy flight time. Wherever you go, the mini drone can easily carry, and will not take up a lot of space. So this UFO drone toy is the perfect flying toy.
    • 🪐【Cool LED Lighting】Our hand-operated drones for kids features multicolored LED lights that will make playtime more fun and exciting both indoors and outdoors, during day or night, creating an awesome light spectacle with mini flying toy drone!

    Look At What They Are Saying!

    I recommended this to my friends, and now I have the choice to recommend it to anyone here :) Very friendly group of people, and very smart! I can tell extensive product research was used for these products, and the branding is out of this world..

    I was so skeptical after seeing this on my fyp. It really did seem too good to be true but i was SO MISTAKEN. Its been 3 weeks of running the store and ove made well over $5k. The $19 price tag is unbeatble, i really reccomend this guys!

    got my store yesterday. and my first sale today! posted 2 times on tiktok and it brought a good amount of traffic. going to be more consistent with better content now

    This is my second store, and first review: Obviously I made enough to buy a second, and assuming this gets put on the website I will leave my statistics from the first store $39.99 Product Price, $11.33 Product + Shipping Cost. September Sales: $5318.67 (133 Sold) September Profit: $3783.12. - Sydney

    Its a good investment since you can make your $ back off a few tiktok posts. I plan to buy a general store in the future as an upgrade, just have a single product currently.

    Just got logged into my store, liking how this looks so far. Thanks Drag and Dropship!

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