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    Universal Gyro Bowl Practical Design Children

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    Brand new and high quality.

    Features:Not Down ,360 Rotate Spill-Proof Baby Bowl

    Material: Food-grade PP

    Size: 17x 17x 7cm(6.63''x6.63''x2.73'')

    Great for babies to have fun while they eat without the mess.

    Internal rotation center power design for the transfer, the food will not pour out

    Security does not broken

    Durable good cleaning

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    got my store yesterday. and my first sale today! posted 2 times on tiktok and it brought a good amount of traffic. going to be more consistent with better content now

    This is my second store, and first review: Obviously I made enough to buy a second, and assuming this gets put on the website I will leave my statistics from the first store $39.99 Product Price, $11.33 Product + Shipping Cost. September Sales: $5318.67 (133 Sold) September Profit: $3783.12. - Sydney

    Its a good investment since you can make your $ back off a few tiktok posts. I plan to buy a general store in the future as an upgrade, just have a single product currently.

    Just got logged into my store, liking how this looks so far. Thanks Drag and Dropship!

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